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The best lead generation tool ever! Instead of signing up on a form, your leads are playing while giving you valuable qualification details. Therefore you can make them a personalized offer right there in the chatbot conversation.
Revolutionary customer experience tracking
Ask feedback from your customers about their experience with your business and collagues! Integrate our chatbot to your customer tracking system to process answers-real time!
Innovative product experience tracking
Your users are stuck? They don't pay? They don't use your product but there's no time to sit down and talk to each one of them individually? Try with a chatbot survey and make them feel like they're talking to you directly!
Automatic employee experience tracking
The key to productivity is a happy employee. Create employee experience surveys to be able to react immediately when someone can't find their happiness in your company!
Chat survey
60% higher completion rates can achieved
You won't lose data from unfinished surveys
No developer knowledge required
Complex chat routes and conditional flows
Mobile optimized, enjoyable display
Creative materials; images, logos, GIFs, emojis
Embed to any type of website
Complex automations
Difficult calculations inside the chat
Score & qualification system
Conditional flows
Custom routes defined by chat parameters
Complete market research
New prodcut launch
Repositioning of existing product
Identifying market needs
Value Proposition Design based chat research
Real-time analytics
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For IT gurus
JSON, XML, manual dataset management
Webhook integration
MiniCRM integration
Automatic webshop feed management

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"Due to the chat display, our survey had surprisingly great completion rates. Amazing support, quick solutions."

Leskó Norbert
CEO MiniCRM Zrt.

"We received 20 new leads on the first week from 80 survey fills. 5 of them became a customer instantly. Because of this efficiency level, we started to use Valuebot in our assignments and projects as well."

Bíró Eliza

"It's like you're really talking to a person, you're excited about the next message. We changed Typeform to Valuebot in 90% of our projects due to the 50% conversion rate growth."

Rácz István
CEO ROIworks Zrt.

"We automated the whole customer journey without any IT needs or programming skills. From those who opened our chat survey almost all completed it."

Slamovits Tibor
CEO EverDerm Laser Center

"Gaining info from customers was always a struggle. During a pilot survey with Valuebot, we collected 4400 leads completely automated. This solution means such a competitive advantage now as CRM did 10 years ago."

Elek Márton
Business Tailor Borháló Borkereskedés

"With an ordinary survey tool, my research would've looked like a college student's survey, but people are tired of those. Valuebot is a modern and unique solution that gave me a PR advantage as well."

Bíró Bence
Mental coach Author of ‘Business Burnout Biblia’

Ready to use templates

Finally a usable and enjoyable display on mobile!

Brand awareness survey

Is it your brand that comes to mind when mentioning a certain product line? Check out how commonly known is your brand!

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COVID-19 Survey

With this survey, you can see how COVID-19 impacted your customers and forecast your revenue or offer them some help.

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Net promoter score survey

See who are your brand-loyal customers and who would recommend your company to others. Decrease your churn with this simple survey!

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Software feedback survey

You can see what your market thinks of your software and what is your position compared to your competitors.

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Customer satisfaction survey

How satisfied are your customers? What did they miss? What can you do to encourage them to buy more? Get the answers to all of these questions with this survey!

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Job application

Make job application easier! Boost profile completion rates!

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Employee 360 degree feedback survey

A 360-degree analysis of your employees. Send this survey to team leaders so you can track each team's performance individually.

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Working from home check-in

A blessing or a curse? Ask your employees feedback about working from home and how you can help them ease into a productive remote working schedule.

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Student feedback survey

Students' happiness is the key to productivity in school. Ask for their feedback to make their school years the best!

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Doctor feedback survey

Get feedback from patients so doctors can improve their services to perfection!

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• Test all the premium features • No credit card required