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"Due to the chat display, our survey had surprisingly great completion rates. Amazing support, quick solutions."

Leskó Norbert
CEO MiniCRM Zrt.

"We received 20 new leads on the first week from 80 survey fills. 5 of them became a customer instantly. Because of this efficiency level, we started to use Valuebot in our assignments and projects as well."

Bíró Eliza

"It's like you're really talking to a person, you're excited about the next message. We changed Typeform to Valuebot in 90% of our projects due to the 50% conversion rate growth."

Rácz István
CEO ROIworks Zrt.

Make it yours

Valuebot is a native chatbot and can be used without any programming knowledge or experience. However, if you'd like to integrate it there is no limit. With iframe and webhook technology, our chatbot can manage complete workflows or even substitute whole divisions.

Make it easy

If you don't know where to start we created some templates for you (e.g. lead generation, doctor appointment, job aplication, etc.). You can use them as inspiration or you can start editing and customizing them and integrate them into your site.

Make it like you

You don't like the old fashioned communication? Do you love GIFs and emojis? We do too! 🙂 You can add as many creative materials to your chat messages as you want. You can get rid of the older 'chatbot feeling' and customize the messages to your personality and to your own brand.

Ready to use templates

Launch your first bot on your website in minutes using bot templates designed by experts.

Lead Generation

Forget the old fashioned forms on your site! Collect leads with a chatbot to maximize conversion rates!

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Website feedback

Embed this chat as a pop-up and get instant feedback about your site and communication!

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COVID-19 Survey

With this survey, you can see how COVID-19 impacted your customers and forecast your revenue or offer them some help.

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Net promoter score survey

See who are your brand-loyal customers and who would recommend your company to others. Decrease your churn with this simple survey!

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Online shopping feedback survey

Ask for feedback after each order to ensure the best shopping experience every time!

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Customer satisfaction survey

How satisfied are your customers? What did they miss? What can you do to encourage them to buy more? Get the answers to all of these questions with this survey!

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Upsell survey

After a certain time, it's good to ask for feedback again. Also, it's the golden opportunity to recommend another product.

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Job application

Make job application easier! Boost profile completion rates!

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Employee engagement survey

Do you know how each employee feels about your company right now? Ask for their feedback regularly so you can effectively prevent burnout.

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Working from home check-in

A blessing or a curse? Ask your employees feedback about working from home and how you can help them ease into a productive remote working schedule.

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Teacher feedback survey

Collecting feedback about teachers ensure the highest quality of teaching in your school.

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Parent satisfaction survey

This survey is particularly important to ensure the highest quality of teaching and prevent misunderstandings.

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Doctor feedback survey

Get feedback from patients so doctors can improve their services to perfection!

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Doctor appointment

Automate your bookings and give information to your patients in real-time!

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Boost Conversion

Boost Conversion

With our chatbot, your visitors are more likely to take some action on your site. You'll get analytics continuously about the performance of your chatbot so you'll know what works and what doesn't.

Decrease Bounce

Decrease Bounce

Instead of a static page, where users usually don't find the answers right away and they bounce, use a chatbot, so you can actually guide your users and give them instant value and answers. Therefore fewer and fewer visitors will bounce off your site.

Automate workflows

Automate workflows

Answering every question manually, hiring more and more people can be unsustainable after a while. With our intelligent chatbot, you can automate workflows and save time and money. Create only one chat flow that can function 1000 ways.


A revolution in targeting

Create a personalized chat flows to each target audience! You can send different messages to those who came from your facebook campaigns and another to those who came from google. You can have as many chat flows as you want so all your target groups get the specified message that is personalized for them. In our analyze you can see the activity of your users based on campaigns or sources. With all this data you have everything in your hands to make the absolute most out of your leads and maximize conversions.

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